King Rat

let it go

beautiful world
dream casino
dream the city's name
ellis island
emperor norton
the future
let it go
let me out
lightning in the mind
love and delirium
new york confetti
out of the blue sky
out of your reach
red line
ruled by fear
still life
telescopes and telephones
watch your back
year of the dragon
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Fade like a three week old flower
Eyes to the frieze on the wall
Of a man on a pier reaching out to a bird flying down
While 'neath the place where he'd fuel another flight
A box full of secrets would hide away

Time watches closely beside him
And he caught the look in her eye as he opened it up
A sepia sadness was lingering still
"You know I'll remember the days of the bird in the hand"

Til amnesia kills...
When you're lonely, in corridors of blue
Try to remember I'm only a word away from you


I don't know what has happened to me
But I've got to let it go
She gives me power to set the bird free
I didn't mean to hurt you
I don't know what has happened to me
But I've got to let it go
She's gives me power to set the bird free

Wise was the woman who taught you
There's a devil and a hero inside every man
But these strange ruminations infecting minds
Take their toll on all tomorrow's great adventures

We are the soldiers ever sensing the battles that we face
Into the world with a sunrise to guide us to that place

It's harder at the end to find a way to stars we have lost
You are my dearest friend
I don't have to let you down

Chemicals fly through my bloodstream on light's connecting trails
Reaching for life while the old dream won't die away

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