King Rat

dream the city's name

beautiful world
dream casino
dream the city's name
ellis island
emperor norton
the future
let me out
lightning in the mind
love and delirium
new york confetti
out of the blue sky
out of your reach
red line
ruled by fear
still life
telescopes and telephones
year of the dragon
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Nights are cold in the Baltic
They look across the stars they have vaulted on horses
That nod and rest close by
Where now the cloak that overshadowed them
Ripples from the stones thrown to the pool and then
Static, to reflect the arc of void


I dream the city’s name
Feel the cold and taste the flame
Live only to be there again
Die just to touch your face
I dream the city’s name
Feed the fire and shiver along
Live only to be there
Live only to be there

We were spared unlike so many
Brides to village-wide suicide romances
Dances, that no one else would see
And all the while a thousand miles away
They broke bread to sacrifice and give away
The causes we gave it all to keep

Dark sails once at a distance
Near us now to break on the resistance
The houses, fisheries and the farms
There’s a spark – indelible memory
Forever burning clean and bright with energy
Carried, like a torch to warm the heart

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