King Rat

ruled by fear

beautiful world
dream casino
dream the city's name
ellis island
emperor norton
the future
let me out
lightning in the mind
love and delirium
new york confetti
out of the blue sky
out of your reach
red line
ruled by fear
still life
telescopes and telephones
year of the dragon
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Running in my dreams like I'm wading through a pool of tears
Am I sprinting for the line or am I running to escape my fears?
"Please don't pick me last!"
These monsters are so big, I'm gonna have to run real fast

The drugs are gonna kill you, better hope the death is quick
You're not the latest or the greatest so the TV says you're sick
Have you had the birds and bees?
It's like this: your lust is gonna kill us with a four-letter word disease

"Jobs for life" shouts the broker, hungry for a trade
He's going to build himself a bunker with the pots of cash he made
Because the world is far too near
And he's a pet-loving patriot in the monarchy of fear

Running, running, running, can't be late, gotta make the grade
Reach for the stars
Never never never disappoint, disappoint, disappoint
The stress will be worth it
Now the scientists have killed your gods,
We'll find a way to make you pay
Just grin and bear it
Ruled by fear
As your end draws near

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