King Rat

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King Rat - Telescopes and Telephones

Telescopes and Telephones
sample / full song

King Rat - Let It Go

Let It Go
full song

King Rat - Cyanide

sample / full song

King Rat - Out of the Blue Sky

Out of the Blue Sky
sample / full song

King Rat - Seeker

sample / full song

King Rat - Lightning in the Mind

Lightning in the Mind
sample / full song

King Rat - Watch Your Back

Watch Your Back
full song

King Rat - Forwards/Backwards

full song

King Rat - Emilia

full song

King Rat - Two Hearts

Two Hearts
sample / full song

King Rat - Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon
sample / full song

King Rat - Still Life

Still Life
sample / full song

King Rat - New York Confetti

New York Confetti
sample / full song

King Rat - April

sample / full song

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YouTube video of 'Lightning in the Mind'
  Lightning in the Mind video
Lightning in the Mind video, click to play
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Forwards Backwards album, click to enlargeKing Rat's final album 'Forwards/ Backwards' is available by email for £5. See the full tracklisting

Lightning in the Mind album, click to enlargeOur second album 'Lightning in the Mind' is available for £5. To buy a copy please send us an email.

King Rat album, click to enlargeOur debut album 'King Rat', featuring 13 tracks, is also available for £5. Get a copy now.

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All music written by and © King Rat


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