King Rat

watch your back

beautiful world
dream casino
dream the city's name
ellis island
emperor norton
the future
let it go
let me out
lightning in the mind
love and delirium
new york confetti
out of the blue sky
out of your reach
red line
ruled by fear
still life
telescopes and telephones
watch your back
year of the dragon
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Sir, I am writing in to have my say
On a cloudy British Summer's day
Maybe I'm nobody but I know where I stand
I need a good man to lead this land

You talk the talk, you've got the gall
But your kind of walk's so ineffectual
"Reach for the stars, your future's bright"
But those coloured dreams are black and white

But you found the right equation to entice the Right
The Left side clapped you nervously
Didn't they know what you were going to be?

I'm underwhelmed by everything you said you'd do so well
We never met but maybe you could say I knew you well


If I watch you rise up, I'll watch you fade away
You'd better watch your back cos time is running out to
Tell me something I've never heard before
If defence is your attack, you'd better watch your back

I take objection to the things I've heard
Your salutation is an empty word
My education did not prepare me for ten smile-an-hour hypocrisy
White yellow lies screamed and shouted
Kill all the guilt and smash the heart in
Picked on at school, a weirdo's revenge
Comes back to haunt us in the end

Spare me the signs that echo in your lies so cruel, so vain
Beautiful minds coordinating crimes for you
What's changed?

Don't be surprised if you all did's surmised in two short words
Tears in their eyes, what do they all despise in you?
Have you heard?


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