King Rat


beautiful world
dream casino
dream the city's name
ellis island
emperor norton
the future
let me out
lightning in the mind
love and delirium
new york confetti
out of the blue sky
out of your reach
red line
ruled by fear
still life
telescopes and telephones
year of the dragon
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Gunpowder almost took my sight
Cold baths and beatings each and every night
Take out the rubbers from the holy place
Next thing you know the shit is in your face

Shoplift, smoke, drink, basketball
Play the dodge the golfball in a three foot hall
Late night porno, fake I.D.
Beat up the fat, gay kid, not me

Looking back it was the best of times,
the worst of times
But I'm still alive
"The slagheap of society" is where I'm supposed to be
But from what I see, you could call this heap K5

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